I would like to let myself be pampered

You will loosen up your muscles from head to toe at our beauty studio. On the top of that, you will leave the studio with a beautiful pedicure. Which woman doesn’t desire it?

Massage and pedicure

You don’t have to go far away. The beauty studio is located in the Hotel Ryšavý area. Why not use everything from classical and lymphatic massages to foot treatment including the foot massage, or nail painting?

The Beauty studio is led by the experienced and nice masseuse Eva Pánková who has 20 years of experience.

What is the price of the classical massage?

Back + neck (30 – 40 minutes) 390 CZK
Neck (15 minutes) 190 CZK
Hands (25 minutes) 160 CZK
Legs (30 minutes) 240 CZK
Full – back, neck, limbs (75 – 90 minutes) 650 CZK

What is the price of the lymphatic massage?

Partial (60 minutes) 390 CZK

What is the price of the havaiian massage “Lomi Lomi”?

Full (90 minutes) 650 CZK

What is the price of the indian head massage “Champi”?

60 minues 390 Kč

What is the price of the point massage?

Price and distribution as for a classic massage

What is the price of the pedicure?

Feet treatment – wet pedicure (relaxing foot bath, dead skin cells treatment,
foot corns treatment, nails treatment and filing, light foot massage)
300 CZK
Nail polish removal 10 CZK
Nail painting 50 CZK
Feet massage up to knees 60 CZK
It is good to follow the regularity of pedicure visits between 4 and 9 weeks. Your feet will be grateful for that.

When can I have the massage and pedicure?

Tuesday 8:00 – 15:00
Wednesday 8:00 – 20:00
Thursday 8:00 – 15:00
Friday 8:00 – 20:00
The operating hours does not suit you? Never mind, we can arrange another appointment upon a phone agreement, just call us.


It is possible to buy a gift voucher, for example for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries…

Eva Pánková holds the key to relaxed muscles and beautiful legs.

Do not hesitate to call her on the phone (+420) 777 075 058 and book your seat in the massage chair right now.