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Hotel Ryšavý history

The hotel got its current appearance in 2007 – 2010. There was a pub with skittle alley, kindergarten or brewery in the past.
A municipal brewery had been run in the village Vémyslice for hundreds of years. A large vaulted cellar, in which a Hotel’s Ryšavý wine shop and wine tasting cellar are located, has been preserved from that times.The hotel proudly bears the name of its owners – the Ryšavý family.

The first mention of the house, where the hotel is located, dates back to the 1599. Whereas, the first written record of the village originates from the year 1234. Vémyslice village was probably named after the people of the Duke Vojemysl who had settled here. However, the preserved documents contain various forms of the village’s name: Wemislicz, Weimisliz, Wemisliz and even Wemeliz. The village has been given the current name Vémyslice since 1925.

Vémyslice gained a status “township” in 2006. It is a part of a wine-growing locality of South Moravia. Right in the village, you can discover preserved monuments or be fascinated by the magic of surrounding chateaux, castles or the protected landscape area Pálava Hills. Don’t think about anything in Vémyslice. Let’s discover the experiences at Hotel Ryšavý or tour the surroundings right now.