I want to discover the magic of wine

Wine tasting is not only for wine lovers, but also for you. Whether you want to taste the wine by the glass or by the 5 – 8 samples. You can always choose according to your wishes at our place.  Would you like to have supervised wine-tasting under a sommelier‘s supervision? Or do you want to enjoy open wine-tasting? Just let us know.

Degustace vín Hotel Ryšavý

„By the glass“ wine tasting

The opportunity to taste a selection of Moravian and foreign wines from our wine tasting cellar, with the specialities of our kitchen. Taste, compare and pair the wines with your favourite dishes!

How is it possible that wines tasted by the glass retain their aroma? We have started using the Fresh It device for the preservation of open bottles of wine. Its effect is based on the inert gas – argon. Argon its heavier than air and stabilizes above the wine level. It creates a thin border between the wine and air to prevent wine oxidation. It is so simple!

„Small“ wine-tasting

  • 5 exclusive wine samples chosen by the sommelier
  • wine tasting duration: approximately 40 minutes
  • price – 250 CZK per person

„Big“ wine tasting

  • 8 exclusive wine samples chosen by the sommelier
  • wine tasting duration: approximately 60 minutes
  • price – 400 CZK per person

Open wine tasting

  • at least 5 samples of one’s own choice
  • you will choose a variety and order in which you want to taste the samples
  • if you want to recommend something, our sommelier will be pleased to advise you
  • we add 3.000 CZK per hour to the price of the samples for the sommelier’s work

Made-to-measure wine tasting

Would you like to taste wines according to your liking? We will be pleased to arrange wine tasting tailored to your taste buds.

Within the wine tasting is:

  • sample = 0,5 dl of wine
  • wine tasting includes mostly Moravian wines
  • you can taste foreign and special wines within the each tasting, for the additional cost
  • wine tasting includes water in a jug and bakery for neutralization of previous taste

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